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Message from the Managing Director:

The pace of technology is ever changing and FlowQuip being a flow handling equipment & instrument specialists places great emphasis on providing high quality, reliable and competitively priced products to our valued clients in our major interested territories such as Singapore, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and other countries in Asia.

To achieve this, we have a team of dedicated and committed staff who has the vast experience to assist and advise you based upon your needs be it in the Refinery, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Chemical, Petroleum Distribution & Retail Service Station, Mining, Aviation or related Industries. They are trained to adopt the proactive approach to recommend our relevant represented products and "Putting It All Together" to meet your requirements. You can be rest assured that you are in good hands as we place great emphasis on prompt after sales service by following through to ensure that the equipment / instrument function according to specifications that meet / exceed our clients' system requirements.

We have displayed some of the products that have been sold & installed at some of our clients' locations. For further reference, please refer to the pictures as indicated under the topic "Installations". These products are working to our clients' much satisfaction and we will gladly furnish you with our clients' reference lists upon request. We sincerely look forward to forging a long-term relationship with our clients, business associates and principals and to continuously provide effective & economical solutions with reliable equipment/instrument that will be mutually beneficial to all parties involved. Last but not least, let FlowQuip Pte. Ltd. make a difference for you by "Putting It All Together" !!!

Yours truly,
Victor Chua
Managing Director

You can also be further assured as we represent some of the world's most reputable and reliable manufacturers with a wide and complimentary range of products such as:

  • Automatic Sampling Systems (Crude Oil & LNG)
  • Automatic Blending Systems
  • Automatic Tank Gauging Systems (Measure Liquid Level, Density & Temperature)
  • Automatic LNG Tank Gauging Systems
  • Industrial Centrifugal Pumps
  • Twin Screw Pumps / Hollow Disk Pumps / PD Rotary Vane Pumps
  • Chemical Metering Pumps & Mixers / Agitators
  • Ultrasonic Flowmeters
  • Gas Turbine Meters
  • Oil-in-Water Monitors & Valves
  • Batch Controller / Liquid P.D. / Turbine / Mass Flowmeters & Systems
  • Digital Control Valve / Strainer & Air eliminator
  • Additives & Dyes On-Line Injection Systems
  • Truck Loading Arms / Grounding Systems
  • Pressure / Vacuum Valves & Flame Arrestors
  • Tank Equipment / Equipment for Cryogenic Storage Tanks
  • Service / Petrol Station Dispenser / Pumps, Nozzles & Fittings
  • Retail Automation System / Automatic Underground Tank Gauging Systems
  • Portable and Autonomous Flowmeter
  • Variable Area Flow Meter for Water & Oil & Air
  • Flow Limiters / Mechanical & Electrical Accessories



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